Trucks with older engines exempt from the ELD mandate


New Guidelines from FMCSA in regard to the ELD mandate

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration posted new guidelines about the ELD Mandate. Owner-operators with trucks equipped with model year 2000 engines or older, will not be required to subject to the ELD mandate. That is regardless of the model year of the truck.

However, if the truck’s model year is older than 2000, but the engine model year is newer than 2000, the driver is still required to comply with the mandate.

According to FMCSA, the drivers will not be required to carry documentation in the truck that confirms their engine’s model year. But, the federal regulations require motor carriers to keep all documentation on motor and engine changes “at the principal place of business.”

ELD mandate

If the driver is sopped by a roadside inspection, the law enforcement should refer the case for further investigation if they can’t determine the model year of the engine. This is different from the previous guidance from FMCSA, which said that the model year is determined by the VIN on a truck’s chassis.

Efforts have been made in Congress to delay the December 18, ELD mandate, but it won’t make any difference as the compliance date stays firm.