Carrier Transicold to offer greener R-452A refrigerant option


Carrier Transicold to offer new R-452A refrigerant for its truck and trailer refrigeration system

Carrier Transicold will start offering more environmental friendly refrigerant R-452A as an alternative use in its truck and trailer refrigeration system. The new systems will be approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The system was developed in order to reduce the environmental impact, as R-452A reduces emissions in comparison to R-404A.

“As a near drop-in substitute, R-452A offers similar levels of refrigeration performance, fuel efficiency, reliability, and refrigerant charge in new equipment as R 404A, and we are pleased to be able to make it available to refrigerated transport operators seeking a lower global warming potential option to advance environmental sustainability,” said David Brondum, director, product management and sustainability, North America truck, trailer, rail, Carrier Transicold.

R-452A is a refrigerant blend with a low-GWP hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) as one of its key components.


“Carrier Transicold has extensive experience with R-452A, having first offered it in 2015 to help Europe’s transport refrigeration industry respond to the European Union F Gas Regulation, which is driving down Europe’s use of traditional HFC refrigerants with higher GWPs,” said Brondum. Extensive work has been done by Carrier Transicold in preparation for a similar transition in the United States.

However, the R-404A will not be banned for transport refrigeration applications, and refrigerated haulers can choose the best option for their operations. The price, availability, fleet size and maintenance budget will come into considerations, while choosing.

 “Going forward, fleets may want to consult with their Carrier Transicold dealers to determine which refrigerant solution is appropriate,” said Brondum.

Carrier Transicold will continue to offer R-404A, but will provide R-452A as an option. This refrigerant can be used as a drop-in-replacement for Carrier Transicold units already in service. Some of the older models may require component retrofits or software updates, which customers can get from the Carrier Transicold’s network of authorized dealers.

“Carrier Transicold’s larger goal of reducing the GWP of its transport refrigeration equipment goes well beyond the benefits of R-452A,” said Brondum. “We are committed to pursuing the commercialization of HFC-free refrigerants in road transportation refrigeration by building upon our expertise with CO2 refrigerant, also known as R-744.”


CO2 refrigerant has a GWP of only 1, roughly 2,000 times better than R-452A and 4,000 times better than R-404A. It is also non-flammable, non-ozone-depleting, globally available and cost-effective. Carrier has successfully applied CO2 refrigerant in CO2OLtec stationary commercial refrigeration systems widely used throughout Europe, in NaturaLINE container refrigeration systems used by container shipping lines, and prototype trailer refrigeration trials with two European supermarket chains.