Team Run Smart by Freightliner Trucks


Freightliner Trucks’ new Team Run Smart website

A new and upgraded Team Run Smart website was launched by Freightliner Trucks. The website is an online community with over 48,000 members, where a useful information can be found on a variety of topics from the trucking industry.

The new website has been upgraded with an improved user experience, easier access to information and additional content that can help owner-operators and fleet customers.

Team Run Smart offers range of topics, such as, information on increasing revenue and uptime through truck operation and maintenance; living healthy while on the road and learning the business side of trucking.

On the new site, customers can find advice from fellow truckers and dedicated Team Run Smart Pros, who will share their experiences.

 “We are committed to continually improving our platform and what better way to do so than by listening first-hand to the trucking community,” said Mike McHorse, on-highway product marketing manager, Freightliner Trucks.