RJ & Sons to adopt FleetLocate solution from Spireon Inc.

Source: www.rjandsonslogistics.com

Spireon Inc. announced that RJ & Sons has adopted the FleetLocate Fleet and asset management solution

Spireon Inc., a leader in telematics, risk management and location-based business intelligence solutions, announced that RJ & Sons has adopted the company’s FleetLocate fleet and asset management solution for its entire fleet of specialized trailers. RJ & Sons is a family owned and operated transportation company providing specialized logistics solutions to customers in U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The FleetLocate was implemented by RJ & Sons to gain better visibility of its assets, especially for trailers travelling across Canadian and Mexican borders. The devices are not visible of the flatbeds, so it prevents tampering with it. RJ & Sons have embraced Spireon’s flexible reporting tools, used friendly interface and reliable service.

Source: www.spireon.com

 “Spireon’s FleetLocate trailer management system has helped improve not only trailer visibility but has reduced the idle time of our trailers, resulting in significant cost savings,” said Uriel Verazzi, general manager of RJ & Sons. “Since we can now track mileage of our trailers, we receive proactive alerts, and have been able to optimize scheduling of our preventive maintenance checks, as well as provide an overall better level of quality to our customers.”

With this, RJ & Sons have a real-time visibility into the trailers and allows them to share accurate and timely updates with customers on their status of their shipments. With proactive landmark arrival and departure alerts RJ & Sons can address trailer inventory issues before they become larger problems or cause delays, keeping the fleet running smoothly, and most importantly keeping their customers happy.

“With our unique 99.9 percent performance guarantee, we’re proud to offer the industry’s most reliable and scalable solution to our customers,” said Roni Taylor, vice president of industry relations at Spireon. “RJ & Sons now has full visibility of their entire fleet at all times, including detailed breadcrumb trails of trailer movements, which is especially important for companies operating in remote areas or across international borders where coverage can be inconsistent. We also provide comprehensive white-glove customer service, helping fleets customize reporting and alerts to ensure the solution is meeting their unique needs.”

Source: www.spireon.com

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