Operation Safe Driver Week 2017

Operation Safe Driver Week
Source: www.ccjdigital.com

Law enforcement personnel have announced a week of traffic safety enforcement in October. It will be a part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual Operation Safe Driver Week. There will be increased truck inspections, as well as passenger vehicle enforcement.

Operation Safe Driver Week is a partnership between CVSA and FMCSA to “help improve the behavior of all drivers operating in an unsafe manner – either in or around a CMV – through educational and traffic enforcement strategies to address individual’s exhibiting high-risk driving behaviors.”

Law enforcement will be targeting dangerous driving behaviors, such as speeding, distracted driving, texting, not using a seatbelt while driving, improper lane changes and failure to obey traffic control devices.

Operation Safe Driver Week 2017 will be held October

15 – 21, throughout the U.S.

Source: www.truckinginfo.com

During the last year’s Operation Safe Driver Week, nearly 21,000 warnings and citations were issued to commercial trucks, buses and passenger vehicles.

The top five warnings and citations issued to commercial drivers during the 2016 Operation Safe Driver Week were for moving violations – 56.7 % of the 11,182 warnings and citations, speeding -19.6 %, failure to obey traffic control device – 7.6 %, failing to use a seatbelt – 7.1% and using a handheld phone – 2.4%. Following too closely and improper lane changes were also among the top violations during the week for commercial drivers.