New Compensation Package for SRT drivers


Pay rise and increased paid vacation time for drivers working for the Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT)

Drivers driving for the Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT) will get a new compensation package with a pay rise and increased paid vacation time, stated the company.

The new package will start from October 1, 2017. Mileage-based drivers will earn an additional cent per mile on every load, which will be equivalent to a $1,000-per year raise on average.

According to SRT, the increase will be equivalent for both, company drivers and owner-operators.

Student drivers will see an increase in weekly wages during training as well. Drivers working at least one year for the company, will receive a holiday pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Loyal drivers, with at least three years employment at SRT will be eligible to receive two weeks of paid vacation, which will be effective from January 1, 2018.

 “We want to be competitive in the marketplace with our driver pay, and we want to take care of our professional drivers,” said Billy Cartright, COO and executive vice president at SRT.

“As we take care of our professional drivers, they will take care of our customers — a win-win for all.”

With the previous contract, drivers were getting only one week of paid holiday leave on top of the normal home time and normal pay during the holidays.

About Southern Refrigerated Transport

Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT) is a Texarkana, Arkansas-based carrier specializing in solo, refrigerated truckload transportation. It’s a subsidiary of Covenant Transportation Group, which includes Covenant Transport and Covenant Transport Solutions of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Star Transportation of Nashville, Tennessee.