Doft – a platform to a greater freight transparency


Doft aims for greater transparency between operators and shippers

The relatively new freight transportation company Doft is aiming for greater transparency and speed in transactions between operators and shippers. Doft, which stands for “Do Freight Transportation” is a load matching service between owner operators/small fleets and shippers.

Doft service is similar to Uber and Lyft and it is fairly cheap. It only has a service fee of $4.99 per transaction for both sides of the deal.

The company assures owner operators and small fleets that they can be certain that the iPhone app is secure, reliable and a valid one to use. It is an improvement over traditional and mobile load boards that rely on a load poster’s activity to maintain load currency.


“Loads are often left ’hanging’ there for a while and sometimes the data can become obsolete,” says company co-founder Dmitri Fedorchenko. “Our load is valid only when a driver looks at it on the smartphone. As soon as the load is accepted, it no longer appears within the app.”

Other benefits of the app are a promise of payment within 24 hours of load delivery and a fuel-advance option. These features are available to all drivers using Doft.

“They can receive up to 30 percent of a freight bill to their bank account right after a pickup by simple uploading the BOL after a load is picked up in the Doft app,” continues Fedorchenko.