Scania’s new V8 Engines


Scania introduced new Euro 6 V8 engines to lower the fuel consumption

Scania has introduced the new generation of Euro 6 V8 engines that represent a new standard in fuel consumption. The engines are available at 520, 580 and 650 horsepower. They can reduce fuel consumption by 7 to 10% and that is for vehicles with higher combined truck and trailer weights, higher average speed or both.

The new engines will join the 730-horsepower engine in satisfying customer’s needs for maximum performance on the road. Each of the V8 engines have advanced technical solutions and that contributes to reduce weight and to increase availability, beside the reduction in fuel consumption.

“Vehicle combinations with higher combined truck and trailer weights are a key factor in the shift to smarter transport,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Scania Trucks. “They are also the reason behind the trend towards an increased demand for more powerful truck engines.”

V8 engines

With the development of the new V8 engines, Scania’s focus is on the lowest possible CO2-per-tonne ratios. However, the engine is still highly efficient in the transport work.

Scania introduced its first V8 nearly 50 years ago and since then, the engine has been a favorite among demanding premium-level customers.

The Scania trucks and engines are legends throughout the truck world. And the latest development of the V8 engines is Scania’s response to the growing trend in the transport industry towards heavier, longer trucks and marks a new highpoint in the company’s engine building.