Infographic: The Modern Truck Driver


We see trucks on our road daily. They are big and scary looking vehicles. But what about the truck drivers? Thanks to Hollywood, truck drivers are portrayed as overweight, mean and scary looking with big beards.

However, that is far from the truth! The truck drivers are one of the most caring and gentle people on the road. Sure, some of them might be big, but when you are stuck on the road somewhere they will be the first to stop and offer help.

There is a shortage of truck drivers in the U.S. According to ATA, the U.S. needs around 100.000 drivers to fill the gap. There are many foreign drivers coming to fill the spot but it is not enough. And only 5% of the drivers are female. It is not an easy job! It is difficult to lead an active and healthy lifestyle when you live most of your life on the road.

There are three basic categories of truckers:

  • Local drivers – home every night;
  • Long haul drivers – on the road for weeks at a time;
  • Over the road drivers – on the road for three or four months at a time.

But, who really are the modern truck drivers? How many miles a day they travel? How often they get to be home with their families? What they want to do in their spear time? In the next infographic you can see all these facts and more.

A line of Merle Haggard song says “It takes a special breed to be a truck drivin’ man.” And that is true…only the best can be truck drivers!


Modern Day Truck Driver
Modern Day Truck Driver by Atlas Van Lines