Women Drivers – a Force in R & R Trucking

R & R Trucking
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R & R Trucking company’s driving force are the female drivers

The trucking industry is still predominately male industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics women make half of the work force in the U.S. However, just 11.4% of woman are part of the overall trucking industry. The American Trucking Associations (ATA) counts even lower numbers, just 5.1% of all truck drivers are female. It is the smallest percentage since 2011.

While some companies are still hiring dominantly male truck drives, R & R Trucking is not one of them. Their driving force are the women.

R & R Trucking is a Midwest company, specialized carrier of sensitive cargo. The company offers vital incentives, such as a guaranteed pay program, home-time policy and a friendly atmosphere. The company hires a large number of teams.

Source: www.rrtransinc.com

“We have male and female teams, female teams, male teams and teams who pair with other family members—the door is wide open for individuals who want to be together and drive professionally for a living,” says Kevin Mckelyy, R & R Vice President of Administration.

Susan Hall and Glenna Smith are part of the happy R & R Trucking family. They say that the company is like their second home and they plan to drive for them until retirement.

“It’s a wonderful place to work. Whenever I call in to talk to my dispatcher, or the shop, or almost anybody here, they know me by my first name,” Hall says.

Glenna drives on a team with her husband for the last two years. “It’s a good paying job, and you will never be disappointed if you come on board,” she says.

Source: www.randrtruck.com

The company has joined forces with The Women in Trucking Association. Together they promote equal employment and try to minimize the obstacles for women in the trucking industry.

“Our goal in becoming a WIT sponsor is to help support all women in trucking and to further expand the message that R & R is a great place for professional women truck drivers to work,” explains R & R Chief Operating Officer Vonda Cooper.