Move For Hunger


Move For Hunger organization for donating food

Move For Hunger, a non-profit organization was formed, after Adam Lowy watched how much food, relocating homeowners were wasting.

Lowy, while working in the family moving business was appalled, when he saw relocating homeowners wasting tons of food, upon the arrival of the trucks scheduled to haul their belongings. Now he is organizing moving van drivers to collect the food that was previously thrown out.


According to the Department of Agriculture, 40% of all food waste in the U.S, ends up in landfills. With that being said, nearly 48 million people in the U.S., including 15 million children don’t have access to sufficient nutritious meals.

So far,  Move for Hunger has helped more than 1 million people across the U.S. The food collected by the moving vans is throughout the whole years, unlike the food donations banks, that run just during the holidays. The relocation companies that partner with  Move for Hunger are packing the food in cardboard boxes and deliver it to local food banks.

Around 700 moving companies, across the U.S. are now included in the project started by Lowy. So far, the organization has donated 7 million pounds of food, since its beginning in 2009.


“I saw an opportunity to be able to salvage this food that would just be going to waste,” said Lowy. “We immediately got an incredible response and in the first month we collected about 300 pounds of food. It has just grown from there.”


The organization relies on donations from moving companies, as well as the whole trucking industry. They are raffling a $90,000 2018 Freightliner straight truck now. It is a part of the “Big Truckin’ Raffle” and it is open to public, with available tickets for purchase for $500 each.

Move for Hunger also supports charitable races, where entry fees are food donations, as well as many other events throughout the year.


The organization also partners with a network of realtors across the country who talk to potential clients about the donations. The realtors have donated more than 1 million pounds of food in the last five years.

The latest project of the organization is a program aimed at college students moving out of the dorms during summer. They are organizing to collect the food that otherwise will be thrown away.

 “I am excited to continue the work we started,” Lowy said. “The transportation industry has really gotten behind us and we are really making a difference in the lives of people every day.”