Infographic: Interesting Facts About Trucking Safety


At every workplace, in every job that we do, the main concern should be our safety and the safety of the others around us. Regardless if we work in an office or we drive a heavy-duty truck, every workplace has its own safety issues and every employer has a duty to protect us.

Research shows that the workers in the trucking industries experience the most fatalities of all occupations. Truckers are involved in fatal highway crashes or a large number of them have nonfatal injuries, while loading and unloading the goods they transport.

So, trucking safety is one area in the trucking industry that is constantly changing, developing and improving. With the new technologies and procedures, trucking jobs are safer now, than 10 years ago.

When we see a truck related accident we always assume that it was the trucks fault, but do you know that 75% of all truck accidents are caused by the drivers of passenger cars? Or that the truck drives are 3 times less likely to be involved in an accident compared to the car drivers?

Let’s see this and few more interesting facts about trucking safety.

And remember, drive safe and be safe.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Interesting Trucking Safety FactsSource: Fueloyal